It’s surprising sometimes where we can get our inspirations from.  Today I was reading an old copy of Camping Magazine and that got me thinking about turning mad ideas into something workable rather than dismissing it as nonsense.  I’d glanced over the ‘Tully’s Topics’ section, where columnist Clive Tully was dreaming about mad inventions such as microwaves that pack into your rucksack, and tents with solar panels built into the fabric and…….


Photography by BJWOK

Now wait a minute.  A foldable, packable microwave might be a bit of a challenge for any inventor, but would it really be that much of a far cry to get solar panels into tent fabric. And I’d certainly buy that tent.  Imagine just being able to run the laptop or charge the mobile phone for free whilst camping.

So next time you have a weird or wacky idea, stop and think.  Is it REALLY that stupid?  Does the idea have some merit?  If so explore it, play with it, who knows where it might lead.










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