Are You Running To Stand Still?

How many plates are you spinning at the moment?  Are you making phone calls and checking emails all at once?  Are you catching up on the TV and using the laptop?  This sounds all so familiar in a fast paced world.  In fact work places encourage multi-tasking.  We come to believe that this is efficiency at its best, saving time and increasing our output by doing two things at once.

When did you last take a step back and examine the quality of what you are doing?  Research actually suggests that multitasking can impair performance.

“Frequent multitaskers don’t filter out irrelevant information, retrieve information from short- or long-term memory into working memory, or switch from one task to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time. This slows them down and hampers task performance”.

Maybe its time to take a step back, concentrate on what is important, plan and tackle things one at a time.



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