Credibility – 5 tips to building a credible business.

I’ve been thinking about credibility, me and credibility and credibility in my business.  So what does it mean?

Credibility – the quality that somebody/something has that makes people believe or trust them.

So how do you go about getting credibility in your business?

  1. Take a holistic view of credibility.  If as a person you don’t demonstrate credibility then how can your business.  Regardless of whether or not you’re a sole trader you are still likely to be the face of your business.
  1. Understand your values.  There are lots of exercises on line around understanding what your values are.  Weave your personal values into your business.  Leave and breathe your values.
  1. Consider your image, both yours and your business.  Image is everything.  First impressions really do count and these are based very heavily on what people see.  Everyday ask yourself are you projecting the professional image you’d want to see when approach someone for their services? Image includes what you wear, what your website looks like, right the way down to wther or not your business cards are creased when they come out of your pocket or handbag.
  1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.  Do what you say you’ll do.  If you say you’ll email someone as soon as you get back to the office then make sure that you do email them.  Its much better to promise to email them tomorrow and be realistic about it.  If it appears that you can’t be bothered to fulfil an email promise will they believe that you will deliver your service on time?
  1. Take your professional image and put it out there.  Back up your website with professional looking flyers and business cards.  Use twitter, facebook and linkedin in a professional manner.  It might be nice for your friends to see you sipping cocktails on a beach, but what does this say to the professional contacts you have as facebook friends.


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