Change – The end is in sight.

This is the 5th post about understanding change in life and the steps we go through when experiencing enforced or chosen change.


Discovery is the next exciting step.  Discovery is about problem solving.  At this point you can start to look at the change in a positive way, explore it and work out what your goals might be around it.  You may start to realise there are positive outcomes for you, opportunities for you or opportunities to work with others.  You can start to look at the change in a much more positive light and start to reap some of the rewards.

Moving on

Moving on is the last key stage in the Reflections Change Curve.  You can really look back over what’s happened.  Take learning from some of the negative aspects and focus on your strengths here.  You will by now have fully accepted the changes or simply moved on.

It is inevitable that during any change, enforced or chosen you will experience a wide range of varying emotions, including loss of confidence, self doubt, excitement or fear,  It can be really useful to understand where in the change curve you are.  Understanding that it is perfectly normal to have these emotions can really help you deal with them in a positive way.


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