“Con”fidence – exploring the “Con” in Confidence


One of the real privileges of  being a life coach is helping other people overcome some of the blockers they meet in life.  Its very interesting the way that for so many of us the blockers are the same or similar, yet we often think that we are the only one experiencing it.

I think 90% of my clients have at some point have declared that they lack confidence and I know I certainly have on numerous occasions in the past.   I’ve also taken two clients on this week specifically wanting to tackle confidence issues.

I’m not going to explore solutions here.  Everyone is different and there isn’t a one size fits all solution.  We all have to find our own unique way to deal with it, however I felt it might to useful to explore the “Con” in confidence.

I concluded there was a “con” in confidence after exploring where my own lack of self belief comes from.  Why do we look at others and see strong confident individuals, people who seem at ease in any situation?  Why is it that others often mistakenly see us as confident when in fact we are crumbling inside?  Perhaps those strong confident individuals are crumbling inside to?

English: Personal coaching is about bringing i...

If that’s the case then perhaps confidence is a con.  Perhaps all we need to do is put a brave strong face onto it all and ignore some of those pit of the stomach feelings and voices telling us otherwise in our own heads.

I’m giving it a go.  Will you?







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