A 2011 Review – Achieving a PAR.

New year is a time when most people sit down to set their resolutions.

I’m going to talk more about goal setting and resolutions next week because right now I believe its an excellent time to consider what we’ve achieved up to now.

Taking out a pad and pen and performing a personal annual review or PAR as I prefer to call them is a great confidence building technique.  I like to be methodical and create a month by month list of my achievements, but you can do this any way that suits you.  Draw your achievements, start a journal, make a list, write a poem or draw a spider diagram – Whatever works for you.  There’s only three rules:

Everything has to be positive achievements.

Everything should be personal.

Everything should be celebrated.

365:330 BubblyKeep your PAR safe and remember to refer to it whenever you need a confidence boost.


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