New Year – Do you have Resolutions or Goals?


Resolutions! Some of them keep them, others forget them after a week.  Why?

Its often because we’re sitting down to do something that is fake.  We feel we should give something up because its the right thing to do and is expected after the party season.  The classic example is giving up alcohol or detoxing after over indulging for a week.  Many of us find it hard to give up something we enjoy completely, and once we’ve “just had one” the resolution is broken and its easy to give up completely.

What is much better is to make your resolutions into forward looking goals.  So lets take that example of giving up alcohol and turn in into a forward looking, positive intended goal.  How about?

“I want to achieve a healthier lifestyle during 2012”.  This gives up more options, we can do this by being more careful about our eating AND drinking habits without giving anything up.  It allows us to go to that special event and indulge for one night.

Goal Setting

So – use this week to have a good think about building on your PAR from last week and about what you want to achieve during 2012.  Next week, we’ll look at taking your goal and thinking about some specifics


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