Dipping a Toe Right Out of a Comfort Zone

My blog post last week was based around how easy it was to take that large leap out of my comfort zone once I’d dipped just a toe in the water.  If you haven’t already read it, do take the time out to do so, however to cut a long story short I contacted my local radio station to see if I could get a bit of PR for my new motivational weight management group Thin From Within.

Before I knew what was happening I’d agreed to go on air to talk about it.  Radio was something I’d wanted to do, but that little voice in my head (oh you know the one I mean – the one that talks you out of everything!) was telling me I wasn’t ready yet.  He said I needed more confidence before I could do that and as I always do I’d listened to him.

But, last week I had to make a snap decision and said yes and then worried about how I was going to get through it.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Worked out what key points I wanted to get across.
  2. Chose some key powerful words/phrases to use. E.g. motivational, Thin From Within, Reflections Coaching
  3. Prepped some paragraphs e.g. Thin From Within in a new motivation weight management group in Leek run by Reflections Coaching.
  4. Wrote down just  the key words.
  5. Rehearsed.  Yes, it was different every time but I always used my key phrases.

Once I was there it was fine, the DJ, Glyn Gant was friendly and helpful and I enjoyed the whole experience to the extent that I’d love to do it again.

If anyone wants to have a listen I have attached it here.  I’d really welcome any feedback.


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