Confidence – Try not to take yourself too seriously

An exciting package arrived in the post yesterday.  It looked like an Amazon package but I wasn’t expecting anything.  I opened it in excitement to see it was from a company called Experience More.  Intreagued I took the lid off the rather larger than an average DVD type box and it contained a voucher for a tea room experience for two, but with no note of who had ordered it.

I ran through the options.  I’d not ordered it.  Could it be an early valentine from Brett or a thank you gift for all the hard work I put into his business?  What about an early birthday present?  I have a fabulous tea room mad friend – could it be from her, but we’re going away with her in March not long before my birthday, surely she’d want to deliver it face to face?  Was it a mistake?

SO I emailed the company.  Its from Imperial Leather.  Brett and I went Christmas Shopping in Manchester back at the end November and I was talked into wearing a bath robe, climbing into a shower cubical and trying to catch as many rose petals as I could in a given time.  Right in the middle of the Arndale Centre, just around the corner from where I was working with the risk of being spotted by colleagues.

copyright Brett trafford

I walked away with 8 shower gels at the time and thought I’d done well.  So thank you Imperial Leather, not only for the shower gels and the tea room experience. But also, because you reminded me that part of this thing about mastering confidence is actually not to take yourself too seriously.  I had a bit of fun, won a few things and so what if I had been spotted by a colleague.  Would they really have thought I looked stupid?  Or would they have viewed me as someone prepared to have a bit of fun?

What do you think?


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