How I always deal with a knock to my confidence – 4 easy tips

I’ve talked about confidence rather a lot lately and I thought I’ have a change of tack.  But something happened this morning.  Only one of those very small stupid things but it happened.

I’d placed a comment on a forum.  It was my view, my opinion.  It wasn’t even particularly opinionated.  Yet someone disagreed ever so slightly and because the response is on a forum it has been put together with little thought to the impact it could have on me and comes across as being much more of an authority on the topic than I am.

And guess what happened?

I felt my confidence physically slump.  And it is that simple isn’t it readers?  It takes just one person to say one little thing and we allow it to take us down.

So I’m going to share with you what i do in these situations.

  1. I remind myself that the person who made the comment has their own issues to deal with and is not deliberately belittling me in anyway.  They’re on their own journey in life.  They’re also just representing one point and view and that doesn’t always make it right, its just different to mine.
  2. I remind myself that it took a certain amount of confidence in the first place to start the discussion
  3. I grab my notepad and pen and write down 3 great things I have down in the last 24 hours.  Its easy to find 3.
  4. I finish by telling myself how great I can be.

    Notepad and Pen

    Notepad and Pen (Photo credit: Yagan Kiely)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. San
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 19:17:04

    My first reaction to confidence knocks is to dive head first into a deep black whirlpool of gloom. Then I eat cake and feel a bit better. Then I eat some chocolate and feel much better and my brain comes back into focus and I start to swim upwards out of the whirlpool and back onto terra firma once again. Maybe confidence knocks lower blood sugar? Maybe cake is the answer to all of our problems? Or maybe I’m just a bit ‘thpecial’?!?


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