Why Confidence Is Like Riding A Bike

Do you recall learning to ride a bike?

Picture the scene, pedaling along, Mum or Dad holding the saddle, feeling really really confident.  Mum or Dad let go, but because you think you have someone holding you upright you’re fine.  Then in the space of a few seconds you realise they’re not.  You’re out there on your own! You wobble and Wham! you hit the ground.

Confidence is like that.  How often in life do you think you’re doing OK because someone is along side and metaphorically holding your hand.  The minute they’re not there, you panic, get stressed, wobble and can in worse case scenario – fall flat on your face.

Yet, just like riding that bike you only fall over because you believe you will.

London bicycle courier, Oxford Street

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, how do you hold that confidence?  Well just remember it is just like learning to ride your bike. 

  • Believe in your self and your ability to do it.
  • If you wobble, remember its just a wobble – it doesn’t mean you will fall
  • If you do fall, get straight back up again.

What tips do you have for riding your confidence bike?  My readers would love to hear about them. Please comment below:



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