What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Do you remember questions like this stemming back to your primary school days?

The answer was always easy in those days and often a choice of teacher, shop keeper and nurse.  I always wanted the shop and imagined my counter full of shiny apples and oranges.

It seems that the older I got the more difficult the answers became, maybe it was because the choices just got bigger and bigger.

At 15 I really had no clue.  And a typist was where I’d set my sights.  Careers advice in schools was little help.  So I took a business studies course at college and a series of events lead me to a financial services career, as a mortgage advisor.  Looking for career progression I attended a number of interviews for various roles, often being told I didn’t have the skills for the job.

My questioned remained the same:


They couldn’t and my frustration grew. My company had a large experienced HR and training department but no one could help with the question “what do you want to do when you grow up?”, had I reached that level of maturity yet?

Ultimately I made a career mistake and ended up in the wrong role.  A point in my life when I lost a lot of confidence.  I still held that question.  It took a lot of research, some soul searching and a little coaching to help me find the answer.  But I did.  At the tender age of 40.

I do believe that career support should be better particularly in schools and colleges.  HR departments should be equipped to help, but they’re not.  This is one of the reasons I specialise in career coaching.

English: Canary Wharf Looking north and upward...

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What are your experiences of getting career support?  My audience would love to hear about them.

I think everyone should experience defeat at least once during their career.

You learn a lot from it. – Lou Holtz


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