Facing Change – Learning To Dance In The Rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass;

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” –  Vivian Greene

This has to be one of my favourite quotes.  It makes me think about situations in my life and the lives of friends.  I have two friends that have faced major change in their lives in the last couple of years. Both very different circumstances and both have really struggled to come to terms with their new circumstances and accept them.  In order for them to move on with their lives they have needed to accept what has happened to them.

As a coach, my instinct is to reach out and help them, question them, challenge them, however as any coach will tell you, people need to want to make the changes in their thinking before they will take action.

Imagine if Olympic potential Oscar Pistorius had given up hoping to achieve in his life.  Oscar is an inspirational example of determination overcoming challenge.

It was understanding that I needed to overcome my challenges that helped me get through my own redundancy.  My coaching knowledge made me realise that redundancy gave me opportunites I ‘d not had before and the sooner I accepted the situation ahead of me the more headway I could make in planning my future because for certain if I hadn’t have learned to dance in the rain, that storm would not have passed.



What challenges have you overcome and how did you learn to dance in the rain?





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