What Happens After You Win Gold?


How close are you to achieving your goal?  Are you ready for the next one?

For many of our athletes, whether medals are won or races lost, as they pack up their bags and leave London 2012,  they will be looking towards Rio 2016 and working towards their new goals.

For some however, London 2012 was their last chance at achieving their goals and like Michael Phelps and Katherine Grainger they will be hanging up their hats, sculls, running shoes etc. Whether they won a medal or not – it is at this point that they have to sit down re-evaluate their lives and work out what their future goals will be.

Athlete or not, we all face this dilemma sometimes.  I remember when I got married, I’d spent two years working towards the event of my life and remember feeling a sense of disappointment, not at the fact that I was married, but at the vast gap the lack of planning now left in my life.  As a coach, I believe that for anyone wanting to ‘achieve’ in life that we should always be ready for the next set of goals, before we’ve finished working towards the current ones.


So what are you next goals in life? What steps are you making towards achieving them?  Why not share your goals with the readers below:




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