Roast Duck, Bow and Arrows and The Wisdom of Children

What can children teach us about achieving goals?

I decided on Tuesday to take a couple of extra long sneaky coffee breaks in the sunshine and was struck by the noise of children from next door but one’s.  I couldn’t hear the whole conversation however, I picked up snippets and could tell that they were playing.

I heard

“would you like roast duck?”

and a little later

“you’ve just killed somebody with your arrow”

and it struck me then, how different we become as adults.  At the age (5-8 ish) there are no limits to their imagination, no boundaries and nothing to stop them serving roast duck if they really believe they can do it.

Yet as adults, we listen to those negative voices telling us we can’t.

So next time I find myself telling myself that “I can’t” – I’m going to practice stepping back into my 5 year old shoes and imagining I have no limits.


What could you achieve if you had no limits?  Please share your ideas here:




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