Solvitur Ambulando

Do you know what it means?

Apparently its Latin and it means “you can solve it by walking”
I picked it up in one of my favourite walking magazines (lakeland Walker July-August 2012).  It was a lovely written article about working out a solution to a dilemma whilst walking the fells in the Lake District.

I found myself in London  7th July 2005.  Fortunately I was no where near the incidents, however getting out of London became a legalistic nightmare, the whole experience was frightening and stressful.  I’d already booked the next day as holiday and hubby and I took a day trip to the lakes and headed into the hills.  I can’t find the words to describe how freeing the walk was.

Now whilst this has worked for me, I’m not suggesting for one minute that you jump on the M6 and head up to the lake district, climb Scafell Pike and all your troubles will be over.  However whenever my head’s in a muddle I do grab the dog, rain or shine and head into the open fields near my house, sometimes on a nice day I’ll take a note book and write my thoughts down.  The clarity in giving yourself time to think can be transformational.

Its a technique I practice with some of my clients and the results have been amazing.

Of course this is just one technique in giving yourself that thinking time, I’d love to hear what techniques you employ to solve your troubled thinking?

Why not share them with my readers here:



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