Being The Best You Can Be


How do you ensure you’re the best you can be?

When I do something I like to do something well.  Perhaps it’s the perfectionism gene that I touched on last week.

So starting up Reflections Coaching was a really big deal for me.  It had to be done properly and that included the training.

Sadly, coaching isn’t yet a regulated industry. In fact anyone can call themselves a coach.  A lot of my work involves goal setting, planning futures, chasing dreams, providing support for clients when they’re facing challenging situations.  Confidence and motivation can be fragile, imagine for a moment that a coach just wades in without skills, not thinking, not listening, imagine the damage that could do.

It was for these reasons I wanted to ensure I was fully equipped, fully trained to deal with anything my clients can throw at me and understand the fine line between needing a coach and needing a therapist.

What we need to do to be the best we can be will vary from sector to sector.  Here are the things I do to make sure I’m the best I can be at coaching:


  • Keeping Up to Date.  I undertake CPD regularly to ensure I’m up to date with the what’s going on within my industry.  I am also signed up with the Association of Coaching who are key players within the coaching sector.
  • Supervision – I’m good at coaching clients, because I can provide the challenge they need.  This is difficult to achieve in myself.  Having a good supervisor ensures that I also get the challenge – for me this is the most important factor in being the best I can be.
  • Review Time – Ensuring that I regularly take time out to think about me and my business.  I take review time after every client and ask what went well and regularly review these learnings.



What do you do in your industry to stay on top?


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