The Future Starts Now


This week I wanted to talk about procrastination at a whole new level.  Not the stuff on our daily to do lists that we just put off until next week, but the big stuff, whether its that holiday of a lifetime that we never have the money for or the taking the plunge and going self employed or starting a business.

Why is it that we are slow in doing these things?


I should have the answer to this.  I regularly put off planning that trip because I might need the money for some emergency that never happens.  I stuck in the same job for 22 years because the change scared me.  Yet I find myself repeating this behaviour over and over again.

But its time to stop.  Regular readers of this blog will know that my hand was forced slightly over the work side, yet I didn’t spend any of my redundancy payment on that holiday I really want because my future remains uncertain.  But how certain does it have to get?

Its been one of those weeks.  A recent break with really great friends has reminded me that there is so much in life we take for granted – how would we handle it if some of the things we rely on so much were taken away from us.

This has been followed up by the loss of a much loved person in my life, a person who loved to travel and frequently did so.

I was brought up to save for the future and invested so that when I retired I could enjoy life.  Well the future has to start somewhere and I think its NOW.


What is it time for you to do?





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