The End Is Near – But There’s Still Time To Achieve Your 2012 Goals


Did you have goals/resolutions in January?  When did you last revisit them?


I sit here at my laptop, half of me thinking about keeping on top of my daily tasks such as social media, prepping for clients, writing …… the list goes on.  The other half of me is thinking about shopping, Amazon, lists, and turkeys.  Everyone is busy.


Christmas is less than 6 weeks away, then suddenly, just one week later we’ll be in January and thinking about goals, aims, business planning and new year resolutions.  I expect to be welcoming the new year in with friends, bubbly and wondering what happened to 2012.  Where did it go? And thinking about the goals I achieved and those that I didn’t.


Its not too late.  With just over 6 weeks to the end of the year I could achieve quite a bit.  So next week I’m going to make a bit of time in my diary for reviewing my plans over the last year.  Not only will that help me get closer to achieving them in 2012, but also give me more clarity about my 2013 goals.  In fact what better to do than think about them with some clarity now than try and do that with a headache on the 2nd January.


So why not have a look at that list of goals.  What can you tick off before the end of the year?






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