What Great Things Have You Achieved This Week?

Have you ever been there?

Sometimes its like a black hole sucking you in.  No matter what you do or try it doesn’t get any easier and your business looks like it’ll never be a success.

Its a perfectly natural feeling or at least that’s what I keep telling myself?  But the question I keep asking again and again is:


“How do I know when my business is successful?”
2 years ago I would have defined success as having the flexibility to work at home, for myself with clients largely on a one-to-one basis.  Well, actually that’s exactly where I am right now so why do I not have the answer to the question?

Is it just my need for perfectionism.  I’ve previously described my perfectionism gene as my downfall, so maybe I just set very high standards for myself and keep moving the goal posts.  Maybe that’s a good thing – stops me stagnating or becoming complacent.

So here’s my one top tip about goals:

Goals – should be moving goal posts that way we always strive to be the best.  However its very important to give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved so far.  Keep an achievement list somewhere visible and add to it daily.  Review it monthly – you’ll be surprised how much you have actually achieved.

What great things have you achieved this week?



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