The Domino Effect

Do you ever wonder why when one thing goes wrong other things keep going wrong?

Confidence and self esteem can be fragile things.  Add to this the fact that we are our own worse enemies and probably far more critical of our own actions than those of others, so when we find that we do something wrong or make a simple mistake, from a psychological perspective to seek to confirm that we are right in our thinking.

So if our inner voice tells us we’re stupid, the next time we do something we look for other examples of our own stupidness, our Reticular Activating System kicks in and hey presto! Inner voice you’re right we are stupid.

I refer to this process as the Domino Effect because once we do something wrong, mistakes then appear to keep happening.

The solution is simple.  Just being aware that our inner self is seeking to find these mistakes is enough.  Once we’re aware its possible to talk back to your inner self then we can talk ourselves in/out of anything.  It just requires a little practice, so don’t be afraid, give it a go.

I met someone once who named his – and if you consider this a little crazy, he’s making money selling a book on the topic.

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