No time for a little R & R?

I’m a little late posting the week – not because its a bank holiday but because we’ve taken a few days out for a bit of a holiday.  We’ve had three lovely days on Anglesey at Church bay ands its reminded me about the importance of a bit of R & R.

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the day to day stuff. Emails that pile up and post. To do lists that are longer than shopping lists. Mobile phones……

Our break was about getting up earlyish and taking the dog to the beach before a lazy breakfast then going exploring and walking lovely expanses of beaches and trekking coastal paths to lighthouses. Leaving technology behind. A space to breathe in.

Its critical having that space to breathe and not always practical to escape to Anglesey so I thought I’d share a very simple mindfulness technique with you. I use it a lot to calm me down when stressed is nervous and even find it useful in helping me sleep.

Simply take deep breaths. Breathe in for the count of seven and out for the count of eleven. Simply concentrating on your breathing focusses your mind back on the hear and now and makes you aware of focussing on you!  Scientifically its also helping by expelling lots if carbon dioxide and taking more oxygen into you system in turn aiding your brain and concentration levels.

Why not give it a try. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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