What Can Margaret Thatcher Teach Us About Business?

Politics are a funny thing in a fickle world. I also believe they’re a very private thing and not for discussion on my blog. However what is worth commenting on is the power of a Woman that knows her own mind.


Lady Margaret Thatcher was an extraordinary woman. She knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and set out to achieve it in a challenging environment and in a world dominated by men.


What is important to understand is not what her motives were but to examine the behaviour she displayed and how we can use this as learning in our own businesses/workplaces.


If we are to take one piece of learning from her and bring it into the business world it is this:


She was a lady that had a clear vision, undeniable self-belief whilst remaining true to her own values and that of her party at the time.  I know these are three things that are critical in running my business.  She is also a great role model for women and what can be achieved with clear goals and a “can-do” attitude.


Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I work closely with individuals around their values and goals in their careers and business and spend time working on my own self-development to bring this into my own business.
What three things do you need in your business and how will you get them?



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