Seeking Some Calm On A Summer’s Day?

Crikey! Its Friday already, the sun is shining and promising to do so for the weekend, I have had a busy week of clients, business meetings, committee meetings, social media and updating my website and a meeting with my mentor!

It seems as though every meeting I attend – I come away with half a dozen actions, dump my notes on my desk and shoot out for the next meeting.  Its good to be busy however I’m simply not keeping on top of my admin AND I want to spend some time in the sun.

If I’m not careful I have a tendency to end up with to do lists for my to do list.

This is a typical example of how work/life balance can become difficult for many of us, particularly SMEs and sole traders.

I saw a great speaker this week as part of the Hay House Summit, his name is Greg Sherwood and you can listen to his talk here.  I’ve not included the name of the talk and you should only listen to it if you can handle a certain amount of bad language, however I liked the idea behind his approach.  The concept being to to write down everything that is causing you stress, score them on their importance and basically say “shove it” (my words – Greg’s are stronger) to the items scoring below a 7-8.

You can choose words that you are comfortable with, the stronger they are puts some weight behind the act of “shoving them” much more than simply crossing them off a to do list.  By vocalising the act, it somehow has more meaning.

I liked the concept and am adapting it for my own use.

What methods do you use to get rid of your stress?


This week’s photo was taken on the recent expedition in the Lake District.  For me it represents the kind of calm I am seeking in my working day.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. San
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 17:56:58

    To do lists cause stress! Don’t write to do lists and problem solved :-).


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