How To Create A Perfect Life/Work Balance

What does your life work balance look like?  How do you decide whether its working for you?

I’ve had a bit of a stressful week this week.  It started on Monday which tends to be the day I tackle my admin so that the rest of the week is clear to do what I really do for a living.  Something went wrong in the process and then suddenly I’m behind for the week, because I had a diary full of appointments and meetings.  By Friday I felt quite stressed.  With absolutely no plans for the weekend, one option would have been to clear my admin over the weekend, but actually I took the completely opposite choice to do absolutely nothing to do with work.


   P1060155        There’s nothing quite like a good hill walk and an appreciation for your surroundings to clear your mind.

……..because for me, my work life balance is one of the most valuable things I have.  It allows me to chill, refresh myself, prepare myself for the next busy week, take stock of everything and remember what is important.  My private life, spending time with my hubby and Ziggy dog and going to visit my Dad (and Mum) but it was father’s day after all.

My tip for this week is simple:

Whatever it is you do in life, whatever your routine, take some time out to work out what’s missing from your week and schedule it in.  It is as important as any meeting, client, social media, planning session etc etc

P1060493In clearing a bit of time, I managed to get Mum to show me a new crochet stitchfrom which I made this lovely flower. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for about 18 months now and find it very relaxing until I’m learning something new.  I have a goal to crochet a lovely summer top but have a few stitches and skills to learn first.


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  1. verawoodhead
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 07:33:55

    Great advice Carolyn and love the flower that you have created. Used to crochet and embroider when I was in secondary school as part of our studies. You have inspired me to revisit those old skills.


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