M for Motivation

I talked last week about diets and the need for motivation.  Although this post focuses on weight loss, motivation is required in achieving all goals and some basic rules apply.

But firstly we need to understand a bit about motivation.  Motivation is the thing that drives us.  We all have it.  We just need to understand a little about how we are motivated and how to harness and nurture it.

There are two types of motivation.  “Towards” motivation and “Away from”  motivation.

Towards Motivation

This is about moving toward a goal. A predominantly towards motivated individual will do something because of the rewards they will receive. So, being focussed on fitting into those trousers that are 5” smaller than the ones you are wearing now. Towards motivated individuals respond extremely well to rewards, and are motivated by league tables etc.

Away From Motivation

Away motivation is linked to pain.  Predominantly away motivated individuals do things out of fear of what might happen if they don’t take action. So an obese person might be motivated by a doctor explaining the health risks associated with their condition.  They’re taking action to avoid consequences.  Once a little action is taken the situation is less important, the less motivated the individual is likely to become.

In short it’s all about carrot and sticks.

Many people tend to preference one system more than the other.  Making the most of both systems will ensure you are harnessing your full motivational potential.

So take a step back and think about when you have been successful in the past.  Was it because you were working towards something new and better or because you were working towards leaving something behind.  Understand what motivates you can really mean the difference in achieving your future goals.

Diets – The missing ingredient

Whether you’re trying to put weight on or loose it, weight management presents numerous difficulties – take that from someone who has spent over half her life watching her weight.

I’ve tried counting calories, weight-watchers points or doing slimming worlds red and green days.  I’ve even tried meal replacement plans.  Going to the gym presents its own challenges.  When I find the motivation to go it can make me hungry so the first thing I do is break the diet.

I don’t claim to be a nutritionist or dietician; however I know a few of the basics.  The most basic rule of all is that if you eat less calories and exercise more – you will loose weight.  Continued weight loss can only then be sustained by maintaining this balance.  This is how diets like weight-watchers work for a while.  Thing is, we achieve our goal, or get bored and increase our eating habits again and with it gain weight.   We can’t cut out all those lovely things we like to eat forever.

The other problem I find with diet clubs is that we can turn up every week, pay our money, look disappointedly at the scales and have put weight on.  We scratch our heads and can’t understand the weight gain, yet we do this week after week because we know it would be much worse if we didn’t go.


So what is the missing ingredient?


What is it that joining an ordinary diet club doesn’t give us?


The answer is simple and free – we just need to get our heads around it.

The answer is:




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