Its Christmas………


I sign out for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year Period as I believe its important for us all to take some time out and ensure that our work/life balance is restored.  After all, all those Christmas preparations can be stressful.

I’ll be back, bright and breezy and thinking about goals in the new year, but for now………


Me Time, You Time, Us Time, All The Time

Less than 4 weeks ago, I was enjoying sunshine in Cornwall and now autumn has arrived with vengeance coupled with cold damp mornings.  I’ve suddenly realised that the normal organised me has done some of my Christmas shopping by now. 

I wonder how many people have been thrown by the long summer and are now in a period of being extra busy, Christmas is on its way, self assessments are looming, and what about those year end goals?

I’ve stopped for a moment to think about me time. I’m a firm believer in balancing my work and my life.  There are certain things that are important to me, getting to the gym at least a couple time a week, walking Ziggy the dog, crafting, spending time with friends and not least Brett and I having some quality time together.

I do like to make sure that there is enough time for a bit of everything in the week.  My top tips this week help to achieve that balance:

  • Promise yourself you’ll finish your work on time 1 or 2 days a week and follow it through.  You and your home life are important.
  • Me time.   Schedule in some time in the week for ‘Me’.  Me time could be your gym sessions, a trip to the spa, or just some time to knit, read a book and relax.
  • You Time.  I regularly take out a couple of hours in the week to meet a group of friends in the day time.  Being self employed is perhaps easier to manage, but even if you work for someone else its often possible to manage your hours more flexibly to ensure you’re around for the important people in your life.
  • Us Time.  Schedule some “us time” in the week.  Whether us is your partner, kids, family, friends or dog, its all important and the people around you will love you more for it.  Take the time out to do something special as a reward for working hard.
  • All The Time.  Make this a habit not a one off.  It’ll become easier with practice.

Change Clock

Whether in business or juggling a home life, a few simple time management techniques could be all that’s needed to make a difference.  Give Carolyn a call today on 07714 216388 to book your free consultation to see how I could help you reclaim some more me time.

All I Want For Christmas ………

Are you feeling the pressure of Christmas?


There are so many demands placed on us at this time of year.  If it isn’t hard enough coping with a job, career, running a business coupled with your home life, this time of year (wonderful that it is) comes complete with lots of other pressures.


Those pressures can not only place increased demands on your time, and lets face it – all that socialising takes up time, not to mention the extra grocery shopping, gift shopping, wrapping, cleaning, decorating……..   Need I go on?


Then there’s the extra stress.  Where is the money coming from? Is the family going to get on? Will uncle Tom like his gift – should you change it now?  There’s pressure coming from all angles to get everything just so.  Just so – to make sure that everyone enjoys their festive season.


Have you ever stopped to ask where this pressure comes from?  Perhaps you should.  For most of us the pressure that we feel will be driven internally.  Those little voices that tell us to get everything perfect are not our friends and families.  They’re ours!!!!

And if you asked your friends and families what they thought.  I suspect the advice would be the same as mine.  So if you want to make more of this festive season, then replace your current internal dialogue with these simple words.

Stop and take some time out to enjoy your festive holiday.  Your friends and family will enjoy it more by experiencing the pleasure of your company and seeing a more relaxed you.  No one will notice if you fail to serve the cranberry sauce.

What advice do you have for others wanting to make the most of Christmas?  Please share.




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