What’s Your Survival Plan?

Survival plans? Hmmm.  I’m not talking about what happens if a fire breaks out and you need to exit the building.  I’m talking about those very core things that get you through your week.

Survival planning in an exercise I’ve done with a number of groups.  They’re often the very rewards we give our self.  They can be huge, although sometimes even the littlest of things can help us survive our day.

Your survival plan should apply whether you’re self employed, working or coping with a family.  They’re there to reward you for all the great things you’ve done today or this week.  Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Buying yourself a treat when you do the weekly shopping, perhaps a magazine, or chocolate bar.
  • Having a luxury bath once a week, lock the bathroom door, light some candles and use your favorite bath products.
  • Go out for a walk with your partner once a week.
  • Have half an hours me time before bed.
  • Taking a family holiday once a year
  • Having one weekend a month with no work!




Remember though once they’re in your plan they’re there to stick to.  I’m an advocate of sticking to the plan!!

So what’s in your survival plan, would love to hear your ideas, please share them by commenting below.

In this busy world, many of my clients need help making time for themselves.  If you need a little ‘me time‘ back in your life, then give me call today on 07714 216388 to take advantage of your free consultation.


How Do I Make Time For Me?

How many times have you said that?  “I don’t have time to” or  “If only I had more time….”

Modern lifestyles, juggling jobs, businesses, family, friends, is there any time left for me?

The easy answer is “No”.  If we settle for “No” then we’re seriously selling ourselves short and under estimating our abilities to prioritise, juggle, organise….. whatever it takes to find some me time.

It is January and we’ve probably taken on some new goals and resolutions too.  Where do we find that extra time from to run, go the gym, spend more time with our partners, something has to give if we are to be successful.

Try these 3 steps, to making some time:

  1. Make a list, make it big,  Write down everything you need to do regularly or as a one off.  This is the biggest to do list you’ve ever made.  Don’t miss anything.
  2. Now divide it into 3.  Be ruthless in your decisions.  Separate your tasks into  “What really doesn’t matter”, “What could be given to someone else”, “What has to be done by you”
  3. Make it a priority to talk to others that can help you, whether this is your boss, colleagues, partner, children, parents or friends, ask for help.  Ditch the stuff that doesn’t matter.  But make a task of doing it.  By that I mean don’t ignore them, make a conscious decision to remove them from your mind and your physical to do list.  Remind yourself they don’t matter. In fact exterminate them!            What’s left needs to be scheduled, your online calendar, or a diary – either will do – its the physical act of getting the information out of your mind and onto paper that creates the space and time you need to think and get on with the tasks you need to do.

Perhaps you need a bit more help creating a perfect work/life balance for you.  Carolyn regularly coaches business owners and employees alike on achieving a low stress, healthy lifestyle to create more time for what YOU want to do.  Call Carolyn now on 07714 216388 to see how she can help you achieve the life YOU want.


Exterminate your to do list!

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Me Time, You Time, Us Time, All The Time

Less than 4 weeks ago, I was enjoying sunshine in Cornwall and now autumn has arrived with vengeance coupled with cold damp mornings.  I’ve suddenly realised that the normal organised me has done some of my Christmas shopping by now. 

I wonder how many people have been thrown by the long summer and are now in a period of being extra busy, Christmas is on its way, self assessments are looming, and what about those year end goals?

I’ve stopped for a moment to think about me time. I’m a firm believer in balancing my work and my life.  There are certain things that are important to me, getting to the gym at least a couple time a week, walking Ziggy the dog, crafting, spending time with friends and not least Brett and I having some quality time together.

I do like to make sure that there is enough time for a bit of everything in the week.  My top tips this week help to achieve that balance:

  • Promise yourself you’ll finish your work on time 1 or 2 days a week and follow it through.  You and your home life are important.
  • Me time.   Schedule in some time in the week for ‘Me’.  Me time could be your gym sessions, a trip to the spa, or just some time to knit, read a book and relax.
  • You Time.  I regularly take out a couple of hours in the week to meet a group of friends in the day time.  Being self employed is perhaps easier to manage, but even if you work for someone else its often possible to manage your hours more flexibly to ensure you’re around for the important people in your life.
  • Us Time.  Schedule some “us time” in the week.  Whether us is your partner, kids, family, friends or dog, its all important and the people around you will love you more for it.  Take the time out to do something special as a reward for working hard.
  • All The Time.  Make this a habit not a one off.  It’ll become easier with practice.

Change Clock

Whether in business or juggling a home life, a few simple time management techniques could be all that’s needed to make a difference.  Give Carolyn a call today on 07714 216388 to book your free consultation to see how I could help you reclaim some more me time.

‘Tis the season not to get stressed…….

I’ve been finding myself getting a little stressed this week.  I’ve got a lot on work wise, I still have the Christmas wrapping to do, presents and cards to deliver and cooking to organise, that’s on top of having an awful lot on at work, and fitting in those last important gym sessions keeping me nicely toned for Christmas.  I’m sure everyone is feeling pretty much the same, so I just wanted to remind you of a few key things to remain relaxed and enjoy your holiday season and distress ready for 2012.

Manage your time – Most of us use some kind of to do list.  Make sure everything is written down so that you’re not worrying about what you might forget.  AND prioritise.  You might want to make sure that everything is attended to in the finest detail, but don’t stress out over the things.  Remember that it might be more important to enjoy your time than whether every present has a bow around it.

Remember what is important – Everyone is entitled to enjoy their Christmas Day and that includes the cook.  So what if you don’t have absolutely ALL the trimmings with your turkey.  It’s the people you’re eating the turkey with that are important.

Take our some ME time – I’m a big advocate of ME time.  At Christmas its as important as ever.  If you want to disappear for half an hour for yoga, relaxation or just time out there’s no need to feel guilty.

And most of all – remember to have a wonderful time.

christmas 2007


This will be my last full blog post until the New Year so remember to start thinking about what you’ve achieved during 2011 and what you want to achieve during 2012.


Personal Survival Techniques

Survival techniques aren’t necessarily all about our ability to manage our flight/fight responses to stressful situations.  They’re the little things we do to get through our daily lives.

Lets face it, life would be pretty mundane if all we ever did was work, look after the house or the kids.  And we all know that with a little encouragement and motivation we perform better.  In fact many of us work for managers that don’t fully appreciate what we do and whoever thanks you for the tidy house or the kids being taken to school.  So what is it that really helps you get through the day?  What little rewards do you give yourself to say thank you for your hard work?

Motivation like charity often begins at home.  So next time you feel under-appreciated think that its possible to give yourself that little bit of a reward, whether it be a gift to yourself or a kind word.


Here’s a few of my favourites to get me through the day:

Make sure that you take a little “me time” – we are often so busy wrapped up in what everyone else needs make sure you take time out to do what you want to do.  Maybe its making sure you get to your favourite gym class.  You never have any trouble getting the kids to ballet or scouts so give yourself the same courtesy.  Maybe its simply shutting the door on the bathroom and having a nice long soak with candles or a favourite book.  It might be just taking the dog for a walk.  Whatever it is – dedicate it to you! And make it part of your routine.

Take the time to say thanks – if someone had done you a favour – you’d remember your manners and say “thanks” – you may even buy a small gift or thank you card, but how often do you allow yourself the same courtesy.  Whatever works for you.  It could be as straight forward as acknowledging the effort that went into the task, or you might want to reward yourself with a simple gift, that bar of chocolate, glass of wine, or a bunch of flowers.  Let’s face it only you know what its worth.

Give yourself some motivation – In the workplace we are often motivated by getting the task finished, meeting a deadline, making a customer happy etc, but sometimes these motivators don’t exist.  Its easy to create our own.  So when ploughing through that housework, why not promise yourself 10 minutes with a coffee when you’ve finished.  Perhaps you’d be motivated more by a weekly personal treat when you do the shopping if you’ve achieved everything you wanted to do this week.  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive so why not?

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