Personal Development – what does it really mean to you?

I take quite a simple definition, its about anything that you want to change in your work, home or personal life.

 It can be about:

 How you react in different situations

  • Controlling your stress levels
  • Your work/life balance
  • Achieving your dreams
  • Work aspirations
  • Dealing with other people
  • How you perform a task

I could go on, although I expect you have the general idea.

 Self development can take as little as 10 minutes a day.  In reality, we forget in our busy lives to set aside this time for ourselves.  We place a low priority on what we do for ourselves compared to helping and supporting other people.

 So if you’re to make just one small change this week, allow yourself just ten minutes a day to think about what you’d like to change in your life and how you’re going to do it.

If you’re not sure where to start with your own personal development, ring Carolyn today on 07714 216388 to book your free consultation.


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Spring Is In The Air

What does Spring mean to you?

I love this time of year.  The snowdrops are still around a gentle reminder that we  may still be working on New Years Resolutions, and so should not forget them, but for me Spring is about new starts.  As the daffodils and crocuses start to pop through the still frozen soil as green shoots and slowly open up into a burst of colour – I start t think about what my green shoots should be.

Spring is a time society accepts for new starts.  People think about moving home, getting married – even spring cleaning.  Out with the old and in with the new!


Spring was when I made the decision to embark on my coaching journey. A complete career change.  An idea that started with green shoots and slowly but surely metamorphosed into the concept it is now and Reflections was born.  Its an ide I’m still working with and changing all the time just as the daffs form their golden trumpets.

This spring – my new start is all about my new up and coming website.  I’m refocusing my business and defining my niche so watch out for some changes.

What new starts will you make this spring?

Self Esteem – Making Mountains From Your Molehills

At the new year, I talked about making a Personal Annual Review (PAR) and if you’ve not read that post then I’d strongly recommend it.  Let’s face it I published it so I obviously thought it was an interesting topic.

The PAR was all about thinking about the last 12 months and taking from it everything that you should feel good about.  Yes, its always good to acknowledge those learning points, but what we’re so often in danger of doing is ignoring all that great stuff we’ve achieved.  And if you haven’t yet done so, we are only in February its not to late.

But this week I want to take that one stage further and think about what we’ve achieved in life so far and create a timeline.  It can be a real self esteem booster.  If you’re creative you may want to draw, or colour it.  I have a love for the outdoors.  My timeline consists of mountains and valleys.  My mountains are things like getting my first job, getting married, starting my business etc. All pretty obvious, but what about some of those smaller events.  That moment when you went to a party and everyone complemented you or you did your first ever presentation at work.  Take some time over this and really think about it and you may need to get a bigger piece of paper.


Mountains and timelines may not do it for you, so you could try a different approach.  A spider diagram or you could tell a story and record it.

It really doesn’t matter as long as its personal to you and positive.  And the real key is to keep it alive.  Use it.  Pin it on your desk, listen to it but don’t lock it in a drawer and always always celebrate those successes.

New Year – Do you have Resolutions or Goals?


Resolutions! Some of them keep them, others forget them after a week.  Why?

Its often because we’re sitting down to do something that is fake.  We feel we should give something up because its the right thing to do and is expected after the party season.  The classic example is giving up alcohol or detoxing after over indulging for a week.  Many of us find it hard to give up something we enjoy completely, and once we’ve “just had one” the resolution is broken and its easy to give up completely.

What is much better is to make your resolutions into forward looking goals.  So lets take that example of giving up alcohol and turn in into a forward looking, positive intended goal.  How about?

“I want to achieve a healthier lifestyle during 2012”.  This gives up more options, we can do this by being more careful about our eating AND drinking habits without giving anything up.  It allows us to go to that special event and indulge for one night.

Goal Setting

So – use this week to have a good think about building on your PAR from last week and about what you want to achieve during 2012.  Next week, we’ll look at taking your goal and thinking about some specifics

A 2011 Review – Achieving a PAR.

New year is a time when most people sit down to set their resolutions.

I’m going to talk more about goal setting and resolutions next week because right now I believe its an excellent time to consider what we’ve achieved up to now.

Taking out a pad and pen and performing a personal annual review or PAR as I prefer to call them is a great confidence building technique.  I like to be methodical and create a month by month list of my achievements, but you can do this any way that suits you.  Draw your achievements, start a journal, make a list, write a poem or draw a spider diagram – Whatever works for you.  There’s only three rules:

Everything has to be positive achievements.

Everything should be personal.

Everything should be celebrated.

365:330 BubblyKeep your PAR safe and remember to refer to it whenever you need a confidence boost.

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