The End Is Near – But There’s Still Time To Achieve Your 2012 Goals


Did you have goals/resolutions in January?  When did you last revisit them?


I sit here at my laptop, half of me thinking about keeping on top of my daily tasks such as social media, prepping for clients, writing …… the list goes on.  The other half of me is thinking about shopping, Amazon, lists, and turkeys.  Everyone is busy.


Christmas is less than 6 weeks away, then suddenly, just one week later we’ll be in January and thinking about goals, aims, business planning and new year resolutions.  I expect to be welcoming the new year in with friends, bubbly and wondering what happened to 2012.  Where did it go? And thinking about the goals I achieved and those that I didn’t.


Its not too late.  With just over 6 weeks to the end of the year I could achieve quite a bit.  So next week I’m going to make a bit of time in my diary for reviewing my plans over the last year.  Not only will that help me get closer to achieving them in 2012, but also give me more clarity about my 2013 goals.  In fact what better to do than think about them with some clarity now than try and do that with a headache on the 2nd January.


So why not have a look at that list of goals.  What can you tick off before the end of the year?






Focus – A simple lesson from Usain Bolt

Do you ever struggle with people expectations of you?

I sometimes find peoples’ expectations of me hard to meet.  As a coach they sometimes expect me to be infallible – I’m not allowed to have an off day which is why I like blogging and other social media.  Instead of the response “well you’re the coach – don’t you have the answer?” I can tap into a very supportive community.

Well as a client focused coach of course I know the answer – it is within me.  What is sometimes lacking is the challenge and questioning that a coach offers.  Monday morning was a typical example.  I remember lying in bed not quite wanting to get up because one of my weaknesses was playing on my mind and getting in the way of what I needed to do.  The radio was on and they were talking about Usain Bolt and his recent Olympic success.

Usain was discussing the fact that he had been worried about his race start – its his weak point, however at the point he won gold he’d decided to stop worrying about what needed improvement and just concentrate on what he does best which is finishing the race.

“I was slightly worried about my start, I didn’t want to false start again. So I think I sat in the blocks a little bit, I don’t think it was the best reaction in the world, but I executed and that was the key.

My coach said stop worrying about your start, the best of your race is at the end, that’s where you rule. So I stopped worrying about the start and I executed, so it worked.”

 Usain Bolt

It was just the words of inspiration I needed and a valuable lesson to many of us.  Work out what we’re good at and concentrate on that – the rest just happens.

What do you need to do to achieve success?

Networking – Is it a necessary evil or do you thrive on it?

Do you network? Do you network face-to-face? Or simply use social media?  Does confidence stop you? Or do you thrive on it?
I’ve been networking all my life, I just hadn’t realised it until recently.  Its become particularly important to me since my role was relocated and I faced redundancy.

I knew it was coming but I hadn’t really anticipated the shock of having no work colleagues.  I also found that although I am very active on facebook, most of my facebook friends were at work during the day and not around to play until evening time.
So I’ve joined 4N, a particularly sociable way to formally network and this has been a fantastic way of replacing all those lost work colleagues.  And its not all about touting for business.  Its actually a very good way of connecting and getting to know people.  In the few short months I’ve been attending my local 4N meetings, I’ve met 3 web designers, 2 word smiths, a computer expert, accountants, legal professionals, recruitment agents etc etc.  All of whom are happy to answer simple questions and because you’re part of their network, often a little advice comes free.
In some cases I’ve even managed to organise skills swops.
Whether you’re looking for work or wanting to develop your business there are lots of great networking organisations out there.  You’ll need to develop your elevator pitch and be prepared to speak out but its fun why not have a go.
The PadTastic Elevator Pitch
What are your experiences of networking?  Do you find you have to do it or want to do it? Have you found a fun and different way of networking?  Please share your ideas here:
 If you find that confidence is stopping you getting involved then why not speak to Reflections to see about getting a confidence booster session for networking.
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