How I Deal With Negative Emotions

I’ve had a week off and come back to a pile of emails etc, its part of the course being self employed.  Yet one email has caused me frustration and anger – both are negative emotions and both well within my own sphere of control.

So what do you do when frustration hits?

It takes an incredible amount of energy to stay angry.  Energy that I know I would be much better off putting to other things, things that could result in a positive outcome.

I’ve tried to answer the following questions.

  • What do I gain from being angry?
  • What can I do to improve the current situation?
  • What would I gain if I put my energy into doing something else?

When I have the answers to these questions, it become clear where best to direct my energy.

Negative emotions can take up a huge amount of energy, give Carolyn a call today on 07714 216388 for your free consultation to see what coaching could help you achieve instead.



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Stress! – My Stress Buster Techniques

STRESS – A little word for a big scary thing.

Some people refer to stress as an illness and talk about the symptoms, others use it to refer to the cause of the symptoms.  I googled the dictionary definitions.  It varies greatly however I think these two sum up what I want to talk about.

Emotional pressure suffered by a human being or other animal.

n. A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterised by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.

Therefore there are two ways in dealing with stress.  You can deal with the symptoms or the cause.  Clearly dealing with the symptoms only provides temporary relief from the problem.  Often it is necessary to control the symptoms in order to tackle the cause.


Symptoms of Stress
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Here are my top stress buster tips

1         Tackle the symptoms.  Take frequent short breaks at work or home.  Stretch! Move around!  Use simple relaxation techniques such as meditation or walking.

2         As always – get regular exercise.  Joining a fitness class or going to the gym or even a regular walk will get you away from the situation that’s causing you stress and can be a great way of meeting new people.  Also a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind.  See my previous blog post.

3         Get a support system – Find people with whom you can share your feelings, make sure they’re positive people.  If you talk to someone with negative thoughts they may simply further reinforce the way you’re currently feeling.

4         Start to tackle the root cause – Talk to your boss at work or whoever it is that can help in the situation you’re in.  Ensure that you’re getting the support you need and deserve.

5         Be assertive, don’t take on extra tasks that you really aren’t able to do.  If you explain that you’re already busy, people tend to understand and work with you to resolve it.

6         Take control of your situation.  Choose to leave the stressors behind you when you’re out with the family/dog.  You can’t do anything about them in the middle of the park so why worry about them.

7         Take time out. – ‘me time’ is important.  Especially if your stress is being caused because people are relying on you.  You will be much better placed to help them if you’re relaxed.


My top tips are there to help you regain some control of your situation.  If you are unable to manage the situation yourself do not be afraid to get professional help.  Doctors will be able to advise.

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