Change One Small Thing

Why for me its much better to make several small steps than attempt one large one.


I love my job.  I am very fortunate.  My role as a coach is to help to inspire and motivate others, yet it never ceases to amaze me how much inspiration I draw from my clients.  Because coaching works on the principle that the client holds the answer within them, each of my clients is a constant source of new ideas and concepts to me.


Working with a client recently, I could see that the task of setting a goal and going all out to achieve it could potentially result in overwhelm.   The challenge that they were facing was that in order to achieve their goal there were so many things that needed changing.  Far too much.  The solution that came out of the session to just choose one small thing that takes them in the right direction was much more manageable.


So many of us never achieve our goals because they are too big, too daunting or quite simply, we get too bored along the way.  Imagine for example your goal is to get healthy.  Giving up cigarettes, alcohol and going on a diet whilst taking up jogging could be a step too far.  My suggestion is choose one small thing to change.  Really focus on that one small thing.  In this case, walking to work everyday for a week could be that one step.  Achieving it will give great satisfaction and provide the motivation to take the next small step.  Before you know it ten small steps will have taken you to your bigger goal.


So my “Change One Small Thing” campaign is underway and to kick start it I’d love to hear from you what your BIG goal is together with your first “one small thing”.  Either comment here, or email me at  Anyone achieving their goal following a series of small changes will have their names put into a hat to win a free “change one small thing” coaching session.




Got The January Blues?………

Do you get the January Blues? 

Is this the time when those well meaning intentions around your goals and resolutions start to waiver?

Have you heard of January Green?

I suspect that whilst you may be suffering the January Blues, you’ve never even heard of January Green.  Quite simply because its something that I use visually in my mind to help me get through the weeks in January when I’m finding it hard to stick to my goals.  Its simply called ‘Green’ because its the colour of spring and represents ‘Go!’ rather then ‘Stop’.

Its easy right now to lose motivation and lose sight of your goals.  We have lots of short days with uninspiring weather.  2 weeks of being really focused on our goals and temptation starts to sneak in.  So why not do what I do?  Take the time out to review the goal.  Really get in touch with the emotions and feelings around it.  How badly do you want this?

Consider the challenges that are likely to face you.  When and how will they occur?  Can you plan a solution to them now so that you are ready?  Can you enlist the help of anyone?  Perhaps warning a friend that you may lose your motivation will mean that they say the right thing at the right time.

So now, is a really great time to review those goals.  Don’t let them go stale, keep them fresh and alive and of course remember to:

Go Go Go!

What keeps you going when your motivation starts to waiver?



New Year, New You?


As I start to write this blog post I’m worried about repeating myself. Why?

Well simply because as humans we are often creatures of habit.  I don’t know about you, but I feel myself going through the same motions every year.  1st January – come up with a barrow load of good intentions about what I’m giving up, losing weight or setting out to achieve.  The reality is that 25% of resolutions are broken within the first week or so I read somewhere on the internet so it must be true!!

So I sat down to write a post about having goals not resolutions.  Even the word goal suggests its something to aim towards rather than give up or deny. Only to realise that as a creature of habit I sat down to think all this through last year and even wrote a blog post about it.

So there we have it – a goal is a positive intention, something to aim for and if you wish to know more you can read about it in last years goal post (no pun intended).

I do however believe that the New Year is a really good time to be thinking about what we want to achieve and what we have already achieved.  So let me share some top tips:

  1. Complete a Personal Annual Review of achievements.  My post Achieving A PAR written last year tells you more, but just give yourself time to celebrate those successes.
  2. Make sure your goals have a positive intention, that is something that you want to aim for rather than give up.  My post about making goals count for you tells you more about making goals really work for you.
  3. Always keep goals in your vision.  Write them in your diary, create a vision board or whatever you need to do to remind you that you have them, but never ever be hard on yourself if you let your intentions slip or fall behind.  This is not a moment to give up, just the right time to refocus.

Happy New Year – I’d love to hear all about your goals and resolutions.  Please feel free to share them here.  Often telling someone else can help you remain focused.



Tackling Your Brick Wall

I’ve been working closely with a client around her weight issues and she asked me recently why, when it is her that comes up with all the answers in our sessions, can she only do this in front of me, and not on her own.  Did I have magic special powers?

I’d like to think that I do! However not many of you would believe me.

I think of it in terms of brick walls.


Looks pretty insurmountable doesn’t it?

Brick walls are those things that stand in between you and your goal.  Imagine for a moment that you are setting out on a journey, from home to work for example.  You really have to go to work today.  You know the route.  But half way there someone has built a brick wall and its blocking your route. It stops you dead in your tracks.  And this is what happens in life.  Its exactly the same as starting a new weight loss campaign where you’ve decided on a diet and exercise plan and then going a breaking a toe so you can’t get to the gym.  All of a sudden your plans come to a complete halt.

So what do you do?  Give up?  Turn around and go back home? (a tempting alternative to work I imagine) and the obvious and first answer. And when we’re working through a problem on our own we often take the first answer that comes to mind and accept it.  Where coaching makes the difference is that a coach will always challenge further.

There are always options. Some of the suggestions I’ve had include:

  • Find a way around the wall.
  • Pole vault
  • Find a ladder

I’m sure you could think of more and of course what works for one doesn’t always work for another.  Personally I’d rule the ladder out – having a bit of a fear of heights and would get out a map and compass to navigate my way around it.

So, you can’t get to the gym because of that broken toe? Sit down and have a good think about what you could do instead. And if like my client the answers don’t come to you, ask a friend for some ideas.  They might not all work for you, but one idea might.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what your real brick walls have been in life, and how you’ve overcome them, and if you haven’t perhaps other readers may have a solution for you.

Dipping a Toe Right Out of a Comfort Zone

My blog post last week was based around how easy it was to take that large leap out of my comfort zone once I’d dipped just a toe in the water.  If you haven’t already read it, do take the time out to do so, however to cut a long story short I contacted my local radio station to see if I could get a bit of PR for my new motivational weight management group Thin From Within.

Before I knew what was happening I’d agreed to go on air to talk about it.  Radio was something I’d wanted to do, but that little voice in my head (oh you know the one I mean – the one that talks you out of everything!) was telling me I wasn’t ready yet.  He said I needed more confidence before I could do that and as I always do I’d listened to him.

But, last week I had to make a snap decision and said yes and then worried about how I was going to get through it.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Worked out what key points I wanted to get across.
  2. Chose some key powerful words/phrases to use. E.g. motivational, Thin From Within, Reflections Coaching
  3. Prepped some paragraphs e.g. Thin From Within in a new motivation weight management group in Leek run by Reflections Coaching.
  4. Wrote down just  the key words.
  5. Rehearsed.  Yes, it was different every time but I always used my key phrases.

Once I was there it was fine, the DJ, Glyn Gant was friendly and helpful and I enjoyed the whole experience to the extent that I’d love to do it again.

If anyone wants to have a listen I have attached it here.  I’d really welcome any feedback.

Taking the Plunge

Whilst part of the role of this blog is to inspire and motivate its readership, I also wanted it to be an outlet for some of my more personal thoughts and a record of my own personal learning journey.

Those more observant, regular readers will have notice a new page appear “Thin from Within”.  Ever since I first trained as a personal development coach I have wanted to do something for those people who pay their fees to weight-watchers and similar clubs every week just to be disappointed that they once again have failed to loose weight because they can’t stick to a really strict diet. The minute they treat themselves to one thing they’ve broken their diet and loss of motivation can set in.

With no diet plans, the Thin From Within concept works on the basis that deep down we all know – to lose weight we put less in and increase our exercise levels. That requires motivation and will-power.  Its a process I truly believe in – I have dieted as strongly as anyone else over the years and true success only comes when I have the right mindset.

I’m now running a local club in Leek, my home town.  I need to compete against the powerful advertising of Slimming World and Weight Watchers and I need to get people in through my door.

So I’ve been out and put up posters, I’ve pushed it on Facebook and Twitter, emailed my contacts, in fact I’ve done most things except….


I rang the local station to see if I could get a bit of free PR.  They said “yes”.  “Great!” – I thought.  “Why don’t you come in?”

The strange thing is, although I knew it would be the best thing, I wasn’t going to do it.  It puts me right outside my comfort zone.  Yet, saying yes was incredibly easy.  And now I’ve said yes I’m having to go through all the steps to do it.

There is a moral to this story.  If you’re not sure whether you’ve got everythng you need to meet your goal, why not take the first step.  The rest is sure to follow.

By the time you get to read this, I will have done my radio stint.  If you want to know how I went on – come back next week.

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