Writers Block – A Thing Of The Past?

Last week I told you about my new challenge which has involved my joining an online writing challenge group.

Its yet again one of those things that I’ve chosen to do that suddenly becomes the catalyst for a number of events.

It’s sparked conversations about writing and publishing.

I’ve completed a number of tasks.

I’ve learned about speed writing and how useful this can be for kick starting those thought processes to overcome writers block.


The most important thing I’ve learned in this short week, is that starting out with a goal and allocating a small amount of time every day to progress it can work wonders.

What one thing to do you really want to achieve?   How much time each day would it take to make a difference to your goal?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and so would my readers, please take the time to let us know what you’re working towards by adding a comment to this page.



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Inspiration – Where Does It Come From?

Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration is a funny old thing.  I’ve sat down at my laptop to write a blog post because I do it every week.  Yet every week, the minute I sit down my mind goes blank and I get writers block.

Yet, every week inspiration is everywhere.  Sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I even think “there’s a blog post there”.  And this is where I should learn my lesson and simply make some notes as I go along my daily business.  I nearly always have a small notepad with me so it wouldn’t be difficult.

My next steps are to get more creative about those inspirations.  I love beautiful notepads, I can’t go into Paperchase without spending a small fortune and I just love those blank unused pages waiting to be scribbled in.

I’m due to sit down and do some business planning during this month.  So mindmaps, spider diagrams, sketches, words, lists, brainstorming will all come into play.


Typewriter (Photo credit: mikeymckay)


So this week I’d love to hear about two things from you:

What habit do you need to change?

What methods do you use in your planning?


“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

If there are things you want to change in life, then coaching could help, visit Reflections Coaching to take advantage of your free taster session.



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