Change – Acceptance

Last week we explored some of the negative feelings we go through whilst experiencing a change in our lives.   If you’ve not already studied the last 3 blog posts it may be worth taking a look before you read this one.


The good news is that one you’ve stopped bouncing around the frustration and confusion stages, you can actually move onto acceptance.  This is a key stage in the process and particularly important if you want to move forward in your thinking.  It’s at this point that you start to see why things are happening (that doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with it – however you can see why certain decisions have been made).

Sometimes you may decide that it might work and even decide to take a different route in life.

good day sunshine

If you recall my own personal example of being told that the location of my job was moving.  I remembered going through all the emotions of “why me?”  and moving to a place where I could actually see why my manager had taken the decision he’d taken.  At the time it was the best thing he could do for his department.  There was nothing personal about it.  It was only then that I could accept  what was happening to me and find a good workable solution.  Now I’m looking forawrd to the changes happening around me.


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